Online Bible Courses – The General Program

Online Bible Courses – The General Program



Course 1: Jesus: His Life and Teachings

Course 2: The Church in God’s Eternal Plan

Course 3: An Introduction to Law and Grace

Course 4: The Great Commission

Course 5: God’s Plan for Redeeming Man

Course 6: The Double-Minded Man: A Study of James

Course 7: The Work of an Evangelist

Course 8: Elders and Deacons in the Church

Course 9: Hebrew History

Course 10: How to Understand the Bible

Course 11: The Inspiration of the Bible

Course 12: A Life Worthy of the Gospel

Course 13: Panorama of the Bible

Course 14: Christian Education: An Introduction

Course 15: The Holy Spirit

Course 16: The Christian Home

Course 17: Daniel and Revelation

Course 18: Great Bible Doctrines

Course 19: The History of the Primitive Church: A Study of Acts

Final Exam


Course 21: An Introduction to the Prophets

Course 22: The Prophets of the 9th and 8th Centuries B.C.

Course 23: The Last Prophets of the Eight Century

Course 24: The First Prophets of the 7th Century: Zephaniah, Nahum, and Habakkuk

Course 25: The Prophets of the 7th Century: Jeremiah

Course 26: The Other Prophets of the Sixth Century

Course 27: The Restoration Prophets

Course 28: Between the Testaments

Course 29: How did we get the Bible

Course 30: Why Am I Here On This Earth?

Course 31: Seeking the Will of God

Course 32: 1 John

Course 33: Growing Toward Maturity in Christ

Course 34: History of the Early Church Until 313 A.D.

Course 35: Love in Marriage: How to Keep or Recover It

Course 36: Christian Stewardship

Course 37: What Will Heaven Be Like?

Course 38: A History of the Early Church 313-476 A.D.

Course 39: The Letter of 1 Peter

Course 40: An Introduction to the Psalms

Grad Final Exam over the 1st 20 grad courses

Course 41: Biblical Leadership

Course 42: An Introduction to Some Doctrines of the Denominations and Sects, Part 1

Course 43: Peter’s Second Letter (2 Peter)

Course 44: Israel: History of the united and divided kingdoms and Judah alone (

Course 45: An Introduction to Some Doctrines of the Denominations and Sects, Part 2

Course 46: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

Course 47: The Evangelistic Mission of the Church to an Unbelieving World

*More courses will follow