Western Bible Institute (WBI) offers free online Bible courses and training for members of the churches of Christ around the world.  Two plans are available:  1) leadership training for those currently serving as church leaders that offers a two-year core curriculum followed by an advanced two-year training program, and 2) advanced Bible study for other members that consists of the first two-year core program.  Spanish-speaking members of the churches of Christ may study the same material through the Instituto Bíblico de Occidente, (IBO).

WBI offers other Bible courses, which anyone may study, through the Western Bible Academy (WBA).  (These are similar to Bible correspondence courses.  See login links to the left of this page for IBO and WBA.)

To take full advantage of this site you need to be a student of the Institute.  Although all courses are free, in order to study one must be enrolled as a student of WBI.  Click the button “Apply Here”  at the top of this page in order to register as a student in WBI/WBA.

The Bible, the Word of God, forms the basis of each course and all material found on this site. Our hope is that all of the material you find here will be edifying for your walk with the Lord.

You don’t have to be a student to use the tools and linked sites found here.  Anyone may use them.

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The Institute is a work of the churches of Christ and especially for members of these congregations.

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The Western Bible Institute (WBI) began in October 1993 in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala as the Instituto Bíblico de Occidente (IBO).  It was founded by Gene Luna and Ken Shoop with three objectives:

  • To educate leaders within congregations of Western Guatemala in order to spiritually build up churches  in that area, thereby, serving them even better;
  • To train new leaders to serve the newly established congregations; and
  • To foster a new wave of evangelism and the establishment of new congregations in areas of Western Guatemala.

Gene Luna continues to function as the International Director of WBI and of the Guatemalan Institute – IBO, as well as the International Director of the four online branches of WBI/IBO.

The Guatemalan institute continues to train leaders under the direction of Bro. Everardo Castro Sigüenza who functions as the Guatemalan National Director.